EMD Public Inquiry – a brief guide

Some Q & A on the inquiry that decides the fate of our cinema

Q. When and where is the inquiry being held?
A. It starts Thurs 29th November and is planned to end on 19th December, weekdays only (except Mondays) from approx 10am-5pm alternating between Walthamstow Assembly Hall and the adjacent Waltham Forest Town Hall (see our attendance guide for details).

Q. Why is a public inquiry being held?
A. It gives both the UCKG, the council and the national planning inspectorate an opportunity to discuss in detail the UCKG’s latest 2 planning applications and whether the council were right to reject them.

Q. Who attends the inquiry?
A. It’s a bit like a court case so principally involves legal teams from the council and appellant (UCKG), planning officers, witnesses supporting both ‘sides’ and the planning inspector.

Q. What about Waltham Forest Cinema Trust?
A. Yes, they will be putting forward their plans for the cinema so the planning inspector will hear the alternative vision for the building as well as the council’s reasons for rejecting UCKG’s proposals.

Q. Will the campaign be represented?                                                                                              A. Save Walthamstow Cinema received confirmation from the planning inspectorate that our objections sent to them on behalf of supporters have been acknowledged and will be included. There will be a speaker from both the SWC campaign, the McGuffin Film Society and at least one residents association plus several others to be advised.

Q. Can I speak at the inquiry?
A. The inspector will give the opportunity for people both for and against UCKG’s plans to speak, although with much of the inquiry taken up with expert testimony, this will be limited. Ideally you will already have written to the inspectorate by 1st November deadline with your views. See attendance guide for how you can book a speaking slot.

Q. Does it help the campaign if I attend the inquiry, even if I don’t speak?
A. Yes, by being there it shows the strength of support both for the cinema and the Trust’s plans.

Q. When will a decision be made?                                                                                                      A. Once the inspector reaches his verdict, it will be passed to the government Secretary of State to make the final decision, possibly in Spring 2013. The result will either reject the UCKG’s appeals or approve them, thus granting UCKG planning consent.

For further info, please email hello@savewalthamstowcinema.org and we’ll do our best to help. Watch this space for further updates.


About savewalthamstowcinema

The campaign to save Walthamstow's last remaining cinema
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